We partner with families to provide a Christ-centered education with strong college-prep academics and intentional discipleship of students. Grace offers a complete education solution beginning at the age of two and continuing through graduation. Each stage of learning blends seamlessly into the next. 

From our inquiry-based preschool program to our UC-approved high school curriculum, each student's developmental needs are met while being challenged to think and explore. Our academic programs are rigorous, demanding, and purposeful, and our teachers are passionate about their work--viewing each lesson as a ministry and each student as God's unique, wonderful creation. 

By the time Grace students reach graduation, they are equipped to think critically and biblically, defending their faith in the world. Whether the journey takes them to college, the workforce, or anywhere else, our students are prepared to be successful, servant leaders reflecting Christ wherever they go.


We love sharing God's love through education. We delight in inviting children to see God's handiwork in everything around us, whether it is exploring colors and numbers, studying history, learning math and science, or appreciating the arts.

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Grace Testimonials


My student has blossomed beyond words. She is finding her interests and developing her passions with an absolute support from the faculty and staff. Arin Flynn, High School Parent
Our kids were under challenged and not feeling secure in their [former] school classrooms. Being at Grace, they are academically challenged and held to much higher standards. Christina Davenport, Elementary Mom
Grace has become a second home to me and I absolutely love attending school at Grace. The teachers at Grace are so kind and love to go out of their way to help us students. Grace has taught me so much in academics and in life skills.
- Dillon, Class of 2021

Grace has been a safe place to learn, develop friends and explore new opportunities for my future. Grace has inspired me to expand my connections with teachers, friends and Christ. I have become part of a strong faith based family that has supported me in all my ventures most importantly in how I walk in my faith. Tommy, Class of 2020
I love teaching at Grace because I feel our academic standards and goals are high, but I also can share God's word with each of my students on a daily basis. - Jan Conley, 3rd Grade Teacher